Saturday, 20 February 2010

a little care

in my last post i mentioned a bit about this 'self care kit'. it has got me thinking what would i put in my own self care kit?

well i kinda like to think that my home is my self care kit as it is filled to the brim with cozy, comfy, beautiful things to delight my senses and nurture my soul like cozy blankets and cushions, wonderful music, feel good books, special keepsakes, artwork things i love to look at, a computer that i can switch on and see inspiring and beautiful images, three little furry balls of love, some pots and pans to cook nurturing food in and some nice smelling things. oh and a phone to call my best friend with when i want to tell her i love her. i think our home should a refuge from the bittersweet world outside if possible.

but what if i was to make a little self care kit say in a box what would i put in it?

:-)well let's see i would have to put in my ipod as music can make me feel so good and happy. then i can hear my very favorite song by sia, some ray charles, a bit of devendra, a wee bit of nina, this by sonny and lots, lots more besides.

:-)a bowl nature, like my hyggelig felted pebbles, acorns, conkers, twigs.

:-)a few books would be vital (i will be doing a post in the future just about books i find inspiring for my well being later) these would have to include my favorite nurturing cooks books.

:-)my 'snuggle' blankets and patchwork quilt.

:-)some photos are a must, some that give happy memories

:-)my donna wilson and ninon softies would just about fit in the box!

:-)some yarn and bamboo needles - knitting is good for the soul!

:-)some dvd's of feel good movies including just about anything by the cohen brothers and wes anderson!

:-)some of my favorite chocolate and pukka teas

:-)my inspiration notebook - always have a notebook at my bedside that i use to draw things i want to make in the future for hyggelig.

:-)my 'happy talk' diary that i try to fill in every day with good stuff. a vital reminder of the many things i have to be grateful for.

:-)some of my folders that hold inspiring clippings from magazines.

:-)some of my favorite positive words, quotes and mantras.

:-)a candle, matches and one perhaps of my little buddhas that i collect.

i think i will keep adding to my box..........

everyone's self care kits or boxes are going to be very different and personal and i would love to know what you would put on yours?


  1. Sweet Kim,

    I arrived in Berlin yesterday and opened a wonderful little care package - thank you so much!!

    I will write some more lines about what I have in my self care kit in general - today it is only painkillers and cooling packs after a dental surgery (goodbye wisdom teeth!)

    A very warm hug, Juliane

  2. oh Juliane you are so very welcome! poor you having even more dental surgery - i hope you feel so much better soon, take good care of yourself.

    i would love to hear what you have in your kit!

    hugs Kim x