Monday, 23 November 2009

my mri scan

hey sorry i have not posted in ages. today i went for an MRI scan. my neurologist sent me for this and i would highly recommend that anyone with cfs/fibro symptoms should have one to rule out any other nasties that also don't show up in current blood tests. there are some other illnesses with similar symptoms that we may have but our doctors have diagnosed cfs/fibro.

the scan itself is nothing to worry about. you are inside a kind of white tunnel but it ok once you get used to it. you are allowed to bring a cd with you to play that may relax you (you have to stay still for 20 to 40 min) and earphones are supplied to lessen the strange noises that the equipment makes (from road drilling sounds to banging!) i was quite relaxed listening to this so it all went smoothly. it was a strange experience but not a bad one. i will hear from the neurologist with my results in due course.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

soggy leaves and jack frost

november weather is well and truly here. bbrrr.. yesterday i took this photo of jack frost on the grass outside the homeopathic hospital. i had an appointment there and was given some new powders and pillules to try. what i like about homeopathic medicine is that the doctors takes the whole person, not just the symptoms into account. you are asked many questions about you and not just your illness. i have to go back in three months. the downside is no coffee is allowed not even the decaf i would drink anyway.

today i felt awful and nearly cancelled my physiotherapy appointment. (i have bad sinus pain, i am shivery, achey and had real trouble getting out of bed) but i went - it's been a while since i was there last. i managed some exercise but boy was i was glad when it was over! ouch! even though i don't feel the physio is helping it must be - i am able to do more now than when i started. a dreary, damp november day - but i still managed to find beauty in the soggy leaves whilst on my way to the hospital. yup, i think we can find beauty just about anywhere if we look hard enough.

i will be working on some interviews for this blog soon. some lovely people who have or have recovered from cfs or fibromialgia. i want to share inspiration and advice from them with you. if you want to share your story please let me know.

Monday, 9 November 2009

a weighty issue

in the last couple of years since being affected by cfs/me/fibro i have put a few stone. before the symptoms started i would walk everywhere, cycle, do yoga every week and was always on the go. go go go. i ate very healthy so was a normal healthy weight. not too fat. not too thin. from being very active to being not very active meant i was not burning the old love handles up any more! not being able to fit into any of my clothes has been a pain in the butt. having to spend my limited budget on 'loose' fitting clothes an even bigger one. but i came to accept it knowing that my weight will stabilise once i again become active. yup i dealt with it. i even dealt with all the constant remarks from my mother about my increasing weight gain each time i saw her. (no mum i don't need to see a dietitian thanks very much) my vanity had already flown out the window had it not?

well today i met a woman who i have not seen since i was a slim, long haired, non chronically fatigued person, and all that i have dealt with and accepted seemed to smack me in the right in the face as soon as she opened her mouth! first she asked me when i was 'due'! then realising by the look on my face that i was not 'expecting' continued to tell me how much weight i put on over and over and that with my hair cut short i looked so totally different!

er cheers love!

(the above photo is nothing to do with this post, however my cat biba does not seem to care how tubby i am!)

Sunday, 8 November 2009

blowing away the cobwebs

i was very lucky yesterday to get a (much needed) wee trip out the city to balmaha with an old friend. great to get out the city and see some nature plus get some cobwebs blown away! i only managed a wee walk but that was enough for me to see much beauty and delight my senses! you can see more here.

i have been talking to vicki and watching some of the gupta dvd's. i am going to be following the techniques and telling you about it as i go along. why am i doing this? well i have nothing to lose by accepting vicki's kind offer to learning about this programme and hopefully a lot to gain!

tomorrow i go for another visit to see a doctor at the homeopathic hospital. i will let you know how it goes.