Sunday, 25 July 2010

just a little green

i can often feel very sorry for myself as i live in the city and don't have a garden. i have to remind myself that i am one of the lucky ones with cfs/me that is not totally housebound and every so often i can manage a wee trip to the local park. the summer weather here has been not so good so i am lucky to live near a park with winter gardens that is cozy and peaceful and full of plant life from all over the world.

having contact with nature is so important. we are not just living in nature we are nature. for example it is known that people with views of nature after surgery heal faster with less complications than those with a view of a wall.

are you having enough contact with nature? could you create a small place in your home that helps you contact with beauty and peace? a small corner or a shelf with plants, or even some shells, pebbles or a little vase of wildflowers may bring a little nature indoors for you.