Monday, 19 April 2010

yummy goodness.

my favourite breakfast is inexpensive, easy to prepare, full of goodness and extremely yummy! i mix some porridge oats with a little soya milk and a scoop of frozen berries then pop it in the microwave for 2-3 min and dada! (sometimes i add, nuts and seeds, dried fruit and honey too for extra goodness)

i alternate this every other morning with poached or boiled egg and rye toast. granted there days when i am not feeling well enough and breakfast doesn't happen at all, however i try and make sure i eat something (maybe some fruit or an oatcake etc) after all it is remember - the most important meal of the day!
what do you eat for breakfast?

Friday, 9 April 2010

help when helps needed.

if you don't live in the uk or watch much british telly you might not get this post! one of the worst things for me about having an illness where you suffer from extreme exhaustion is that sometimes housework gets left behind. now and again just making a cup of tea can sometimes be a major challenge let alone getting the hoover out. after a 'bad' spell dirty dishes pile up and dustballs seem to breed as well as the laundry which can be very frustrating to someone like me who used to be very houseproud. i have even turned down much wanted visitors in embarrassment as my home often could do with a wee visit from kim and aggie!

joking aside i think there is a need for a voluntary service where someone can pop round to help out on bad days (or pop out to the shops for you), especially if you live alone. even on better days i struggle to change the duvet cover and it can leave me feeling exhausted, helpless and angry. i have missed many a cooked meal because i don't have the energy to make one. when i was on the WELL course one lady enquired (to one of the course leaders) if there was a service to help her out on days she couldn't manage to get out of bed as she was in so much pain. she just needed someone (other than a friend or neighbour) to come round with a bowl of soup. her question was ignored.

i keep thinking about this. does anyone know if a voluntary service like this exists in the UK? i need to find out more. i will darn well start one up myself when i am well enough if need be.