Thursday, 10 December 2009

two years with me - but it's not all bad.

i have been neglecting this blog a tad. i admit i find it easier to post on hyggelig happy as

*i am not sure if anyone reads this.
*if i am feeling rubbish i might moan a bit too much.
*if i'm having an okish day i might to sound a bit too smug.
*i don't always know where i am going with this blog.

one thing i do know is that i will carry on posting and hope to find the direction this blog is going. if i can make even just one person feel less alone in coping with a chronic illness i will be glad i started this blog.

next year i aim to start my series of interviews with lots of people who have one thing in common: chronic illness. people with symptoms, people that have recovered, medical professionals, people who can share experiences with one goal: how to keep happy while life is so restricted and challenging.
i will review books, magazines and treatments, and find out what can help even in a small way.

it is almost two years since my own symptoms started with a bad bout of flu. it's been a very tough couple of years. but it's not all bad. i have tried to stay positive and find a balance. in the last few months i have tried to channel what little energy i have into being creative. it's what makes me happy, but until i became ill and had to slow down i never had the time to make anything.

my proudest moment in these last two years was last week when the new little shop welcome home stocked some little toy bears and cards i had made.
as some day's it's hard just to get out of bed, to be able to create something and sell it feels like an amazing achievement! yes, i wish i had enough energy to make enough to sell in many shops, but it's a start, and i am chuffed to bits.

thank you to my dear friends who have been very encouraging and supportive especially emily who has been simply amazing this last year, to vicki for coming into my life at the right time, and to viv for all the love.

this will be my last post here this year so i wish everyone a wonderful (and as symptom free as possible) festive season. peace and joy. love kim x

p.s ~my MRI scan results must be ok as i have not the results yet. no news is good news!

pp.s ~i will be posting about physiotherapy and graded exercise in the new year. i would love to here about other peoples experience of this or any other related issues. you can contact me at

ppp.s ~action for ME will be given a donation from many online shops including amazon, tesco and john lewis when you shop through their website