Friday, 19 November 2010

this too shall pass

i have not written any posts here for ages for various reasons, one being that lately i have felt overwhelmed with a capital o. infact the word overwhelmed is an understatement. my life with cfs/me feels so unfair. the list of my moans are endless, lack of money as i cant work, major stress getting benefits, knowing my home is going to be repossessed soon, a boiler thats packed in just when its turned very chilly, a major building site across from me that means constant loud drilling and banging noises every day from 8-7 plus a mother who constantly calls to criticize me and judge me, and that's just for starters!

however i have a 'mantra' i say to myself repeatedly: this too shall pass.

everything changes, no situation good nor bad is permenant. i know that things wont always be this way for me, that's how life is.