Saturday, 2 January 2010

happy talking twenty ten

i'm back! i wish you all a very happy and as healthy as possible new year! im looking forward to spending some time here on this little blog this year sharing the ups and downs of life with cfs/me and fibromialgia. i have a few little plans and ideas.
i like to start each year by getting a new diary which i call my 'happy talk' diary. i fill it with good stuff, things i'm grateful for, nice things: a chat with my best friend on the phone, a beautiful walk, something that made me laugh. many years ago i realised that my diary concentrated on the bad stuff that happened to me, and it only made me bitter and resentful when i read it. i decided then that if i kept a diary it should just be full of the the sweet things in my life.
last year i was not very good at filling it in, i don't know why (brain fog, fatigue? and that i record some of the good things here instead) as i had things to be happy and grateful about. this year my resolution is to try and jot things down daily. that way i can look back on it when i am down or feeling sorry for myself and remember: it isn't all bad.


  1. That is a lovely idea, Kim. In a way my blog is my diary for all the good things coming my way every day. Not always it is possible though to keep the disease outside, but I try it and will be hopefully better letting only the good things in this year ;-)

  2. Oh Juliane I know sometimes it is not possible to stay positive all the time when feeling so bad. I had a day or two last week when I just felt so overwhelmed and really down I feared depression setting in. I think that my other blog for me too is a kind of diary of happy things and that's why I love having it. I know for other people writing down good and bad works, but for me counting my blessing really does work best. hugs to you.

  3. This is a wonderful idea, Kim...I wonder why it is so hard for us to focus on the good? I find that when I DO focus on it, it is so much more abundant than I realized at first! But, still, it doesn't come naturally--I have to really work on it. Perhaps, with a journal like this, it would become more "second nature'? I think I'll join you with your sweet journal, and see what happens...Such a lovely idea. xoxoxo to you!