Monday, 9 November 2009

a weighty issue

in the last couple of years since being affected by cfs/me/fibro i have put a few stone. before the symptoms started i would walk everywhere, cycle, do yoga every week and was always on the go. go go go. i ate very healthy so was a normal healthy weight. not too fat. not too thin. from being very active to being not very active meant i was not burning the old love handles up any more! not being able to fit into any of my clothes has been a pain in the butt. having to spend my limited budget on 'loose' fitting clothes an even bigger one. but i came to accept it knowing that my weight will stabilise once i again become active. yup i dealt with it. i even dealt with all the constant remarks from my mother about my increasing weight gain each time i saw her. (no mum i don't need to see a dietitian thanks very much) my vanity had already flown out the window had it not?

well today i met a woman who i have not seen since i was a slim, long haired, non chronically fatigued person, and all that i have dealt with and accepted seemed to smack me in the right in the face as soon as she opened her mouth! first she asked me when i was 'due'! then realising by the look on my face that i was not 'expecting' continued to tell me how much weight i put on over and over and that with my hair cut short i looked so totally different!

er cheers love!

(the above photo is nothing to do with this post, however my cat biba does not seem to care how tubby i am!)

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