Tuesday, 10 November 2009

soggy leaves and jack frost

november weather is well and truly here. bbrrr.. yesterday i took this photo of jack frost on the grass outside the homeopathic hospital. i had an appointment there and was given some new powders and pillules to try. what i like about homeopathic medicine is that the doctors takes the whole person, not just the symptoms into account. you are asked many questions about you and not just your illness. i have to go back in three months. the downside is no coffee is allowed not even the decaf i would drink anyway.

today i felt awful and nearly cancelled my physiotherapy appointment. (i have bad sinus pain, i am shivery, achey and had real trouble getting out of bed) but i went - it's been a while since i was there last. i managed some exercise but boy was i was glad when it was over! ouch! even though i don't feel the physio is helping it must be - i am able to do more now than when i started. a dreary, damp november day - but i still managed to find beauty in the soggy leaves whilst on my way to the hospital. yup, i think we can find beauty just about anywhere if we look hard enough.

i will be working on some interviews for this blog soon. some lovely people who have or have recovered from cfs or fibromialgia. i want to share inspiration and advice from them with you. if you want to share your story please let me know.

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