Monday, 23 November 2009

my mri scan

hey sorry i have not posted in ages. today i went for an MRI scan. my neurologist sent me for this and i would highly recommend that anyone with cfs/fibro symptoms should have one to rule out any other nasties that also don't show up in current blood tests. there are some other illnesses with similar symptoms that we may have but our doctors have diagnosed cfs/fibro.

the scan itself is nothing to worry about. you are inside a kind of white tunnel but it ok once you get used to it. you are allowed to bring a cd with you to play that may relax you (you have to stay still for 20 to 40 min) and earphones are supplied to lessen the strange noises that the equipment makes (from road drilling sounds to banging!) i was quite relaxed listening to this so it all went smoothly. it was a strange experience but not a bad one. i will hear from the neurologist with my results in due course.


  1. oh thanks so much for asking, i have not heard anything yet so i am going with that old saying 'no news is good news'. i think it can take a while to hear back from the doctors tho. i will let you know when i hear anything :-)

  2. I went through this last december and the result was nothing. Sometimes you wish they would finally find something - and sometimes it is good that they don´t...