Thursday, 22 October 2009

struggling along

i am struggling along this week. yup coping with cfs is hard. been feeling a bit sorry for myself. there is so much i want to do but can't. aaaaaagggghhhhh! i keep telling myself maybe tomorrow. and i have to keep reminding myself that i am one of the lucky ones. i hate to think what it is like to be in a wheelchair all the time.
i have been to see a new neurologist who is going to send me for a mri scan, just to rule any other nasties out. he was so nice and seemed to know a lot about cfs and fibro. he advised going on the wellbeing course that is run for cfs sufferers at glasgows homeopathic hospital. i told him i was already signed up for it in january. i felt he was one of the first doctors to really care about helping me. anyway i still have many things keeping me happy this week. watching this is one of them and here's another.

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