Thursday, 8 October 2009

having a laugh

i picked up a leaflet a couple of weeks ago for a laughter workshop. I really do believe that laughing is the best medicine but at £8 per session, plus a trip across town in the evening to take part, sadly it will not be on my list of things to do.

apparently 'fake' laughing works just as well as real laughter as the body can't distinguish between them and releases endorphins into our blood stream anyway!

however it did get me thinking what could really get me chuckling my head off for free (or nearly free). my cat orla playing 'fetch' with me always works, joking with friends, watching the peep show or a really funny movie can do the trick.

please let me know whom or what makes you split your sides.

here is a very funny clip found by my friend emily (ta mate) to get us all chuckling away for free.......

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