Friday, 30 October 2009


sorry for such long gaps in between posts. if im feeling really crappity crap (like this week!) i feel i will just be all moany and as that is not the aim of the blog i just email my mate tina instead for a good old symptoms whinge!

this week i have felt so tired, achey and fed up (because i am tired and achey!) and had to cancel everything planned. i only managed a couple of blog posts here and a teeny weeny bit of knitting for an upcoming craft show. except a couple of days ago i had to venture out as my cat biba was ill and had to get taken to the vet. even though it was a short bus ride and a short wait at the vet hospital i was so utterly exhausted when i came home i was back in bed right away. poor biba was so frightened of leaving home and was very brave when get injections from the vet. she has antibiotics to take and should be on the mend soon. tomorrow is my birthday and i hope to have enough energy to celebrate just a little bit!

i will try and be back next week with more regular posts. in the meantime here is a picture of my sweet beautiful biba in her pumpkin bed. happy halloween!

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