Sunday, 29 August 2010

treats are good, no matter how small.

treats are nice. for me they are a rare thing these days, but that somehow makes them more special. long gone are the days when i would treat myself to a new pair of shoes or the latest cd's. nowadays whilst on a very tight budget that only allows for essentials, i savour the occasional bar of chocolate that once upon a time i had simply taken for granted.

this week i treated myself to a box of rose tea. it delighted my senses. the tea smells wonderful, tastes lovely, the colour of the tea is beautiful and the words inside the box are quite fitting for this time of year.

what little treats make you happy?

1 comment:

  1. The tea you sent me was a happymaker tea, Kim! It made me smile as soon as I had it in my cup. Not to mention the geranium chocolate...

    My studio has a door to the garden and next to the door I have a vervain plant. Nothing can make me happier than that scent, I dry the leaves for little vervain sachets or have some fresh ones for tea. Verbena chocolate would be on top of my happymaker treat wishlist, and I am sure that there are chocolatiers using vervain leaves (if they can make geranium chocolate, why not verbena ;-)

    A warm hug to Scotland!