Saturday, 21 August 2010

oops ive done it again.

once again i have been neglecting this little blog. it's just it would be so easy to just use it to moan, moan, moan about the unfairness of living with cfs/me/fibro and although that is the reality, it's not what the aim of this blog is about. it's about showing how there are ways to manage symptoms better and keep a positive mind no matter how bad things are.

there are always going to be up's and down's on the road to recovery from any chronic illness and negative feelings are a part of that, especially as you can feel the world is against you and it is all to easy to give up hope. right now i am spending my time trying to count my blessings for what i have, not what has been taken away from me, and concentrate on how i can somehow one day use my experience to help other sufferers through this debilitating illness. i am finding out how to manage my illness as best i can, and to try and do this with kindness towards myself.

new posts soon along with some guest blogs from some very inspiring people.

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