Tuesday, 26 January 2010


i've not posted a here in a while as i'm feeling a bit 'blah' right now and this scottish weather does not help! even before the onset of me/fibro i suffered from a wee bit of 'sad' every winter anyway. right now i am trying to be kind to myself and find cheery ways to get me through to spring:

+ money is tight but i really want to treat myself to a wee cheery up!
+ lots of comfort food helps! like healthy hearty home made soup, stew's and big bowls of porridge.
+ lots of soy hot chocolate (nice with a touch of chilli!)
+ snuggling with my kitty's.
+ nice warm bath's full of rose oil that i got as a much welcomed pressy.
+ looking at inspiring images on flickr including all the amazing one's that keep being added to my hyggelig happy group like this one above from yokoo.
+ short walks during daylight ours (before 4pm!) no matter how achey or fatigued i feel.
+ reading a good feel good book or blog.
+ keeping creative - i'm meeting up with a good friend this week for a wee crochet session!

what help's you keep cheery during blah days?


  1. So nice to read some lines here, Kim! And the weather isn´t the best for us with Fibro, I agree ;-)

    What I helps me against the winter grey:

    *Taking a walk, and even if it is just to the supermarket, to get some daylight, at least 30min every day
    *I crochet a lot to keep my fingers warm and slinky
    *a lot of bowls with hot soup, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, parsnips, parsley roots... I often meet with friends to cook some lunch, it is so nice to meet in the daytime and take a break
    *I wear balmorals under my summer skirts ;-)
    *chocolate, dark wit sea salt
    *lots of candles, cherry pit cushions and hot water bottles

    But the most important is the following: Every summer I chose one moment as my winter medicine. When I sit on a warm stone by the lake, wet hair, sun drying my skin, freckles tickling on my nose, I try to memorize these minutes.

    And it is phantastic how great your body remembers this moment. As soon as I try to bring that to mind, I recognise my muscles relaxing, I can sense the sunbeams and the warm breeze. Nothing is a better medicine!

  2. you have just cheered me up no end reading this! i love your idea of visualising warmth. i am going to try this and remember sitting in my allotment with the sun on my face feeling far away from the hustle and bustle of the world....i have a relaxation cd that a friend gave me that helps you visualise being in a tropical place by a river, there are lots of birds chirping in the background! that is good too.
    thank you my dear for these words, i think you are a tonic for the winter blues!
    big hugs to you :-)

  3. I think I may send you a hound... he's very good at keeping the spirits up.
    And your feet warm. He is still nameless though so answers to the name of DOG, which is enough to make you smile when you're shrieking his name.
    I hope you feel better soon. x

  4. Kate thank you! if it's the dog on your blog i love him too bits. he is so cute and i would give him all the tea and biscuits he wanted. don't know if the cat's would be too pleased tho!! can you please give him a big soppy kiss from me.x